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Elf Baked Highlighter And Bronzer

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Top Elf Baked Highlighter And Bronzer Reviews

This is a lowlighter and bronzer set that elf has on their website. It is a set of two e. Baked highlighter bronzed glow powder make-up duo and elf's own 2nd set of highlighter and bronzer.
introducing our new elf baked highlighter and bronzer! This product is a bronzed look with this fullsz. Non paraffin fat! It takes a little bit of light to give your face a radiant highlighter look. This came in a brand new box, so be sure to be a fan of our store to see this to-the-point highlighter in person!
this is a highlighter and bronzer set that comes in black, white, and green. It is made with elves in maui great lakes, il who are born with a love for the sun and a passion for beauty. It is a must-have for any color skin type.